Sterne & Co. LLC offers its clients world class professionals on an on-demand, per project basis. Most of our clients are multinational IT companies that need to supplement their in-house resources during periods of peak M&A activity or as they build their M&A competencies. Sterne & Co. LLC professionals are generally embedded in the internal M&A team and act as mentors, advisors, internal bankers, industry experts, financial analysts, marketing professionals and/or project managers. At all times, Sterne & Co. LLC is working with one or two start-ups, partially for equity compensation, to keep its professionals at the forefront of industry trends and evolving business models. With the passage of ‘crowdfunding’ legislation in the United States, Sterne & Co. LLC is implementing micro-funding techniques — as little as $100,000 — for its seed capital clients via the Internet.

  • Sterne & Co. LLC offers instant access to industry experts with extensive contacts and deal experience.
  • The firm knows many of the key financial investors and strategic buyers on a first-name basis having closed transactions with them or for them.