Mega Trends

Each decade a few major trends alter the face of the world economy. In the 1980’s, it was the Reagan/Thatcher re-invigoration of capitalism and mass adoption of the personal computer. In the 1990’s, change was driven by globalization and the emergence of the Internet. During the 2000’s, the War on Terror, emerging markets, the ‘cloud’, social networks and smartphones transformed the IT landscape. Sterne & Co. LLC believes that the current major trends center around:

  • Worldwide Energy Cost Deflation Due to Shale Gas
  • The Rise of India and Its Impact on IT Business Culture
  • The End of UNIX and the Mainframe; The Maturity of the Linux / Windows Duopoly
  • The Electrication of the Military and Transportation
  • The Shift to the ‘Content’ Economy
  • The Emergence of the Antrop-Centric Environmental Movement

S&C works with its clients to make sure that M&A strategies are aligned with these mega trends.